I just returned from my quarterly meeting with the ToledoInfragard.org and had the chance to talk with our FBI agent.  We were talking about the latest scam that is happening.  You get “drive by” malware on a windows 8 or windows 10 computer from clicking on something and it actually runs a script that uses Cortana’s voice and says “Your computer has been infected you will need to call this number”.  They say it takes you buy surprise and is a little freaky because of the sound usage.  DO NOT CALL THE NUMBER.  This is a scam.  You are going to need to have your computer cleaned up and typically these are not bad infections; but if you let them into your computer it will get WORSE!  Contact one of the companies from IT Pro Alliance and we can get you back into business.

We had another infection last week from a business owner that misspelled  the URL for Wal-mart.  This infection was a nasty one.  That is why it is recommended to use bookmarks or search engine.  With search engine; you need to be careful on the clicks too!

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