fake error codeThe latest malware is hitting the streets.  This one has been found from google search, Bing search, and facebook link.  One person told me they were just scrolling through Facebook and this popped up.  We had another client researching some medical symptoms and clicked on a link and this message took over the screen.  If you try to close it, it continues to pop-up.  At this point you have been infected and you will need to TAKE your computer to reliable IT person.  If there is anytime to SHOP LOCAL; this would be the time!  Its not a costly clean up unless you let it continue.  They want you to call that number and give them  your credit card.  DO NOT CALL THE NUMBER ON THE SCREEN.  You need to shutdown your computer and have it cleaned up before you do any more surfing on the internet or working on your computer.  It has come to the time where it is not if you get hacked; It is when will you get hacked.

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