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  Dr. Drew Pinsky, a well-known internist, recently had his Gmail account hacked. The culprit sent out spam requesting money. They changed his password. The culprit then added a new security layer, two factor authentication. Google’s two factor authentication is a great feature to help keep your email secure. In this case it helped the […]

Is your tech out of date? Outdated software leaves you open to cyberattacks. This can slow your business as you work to fix the security holes, or worse, it can expose your data to cybercriminals. Failing to keep up with the times by using outdated technology could be putting your business in danger. Dangers of […]

I just returned from my quarterly meeting with the ToledoInfragard.org and had the chance to talk with our FBI agent.  We were talking about the latest scam that is happening.  You get “drive by” malware on a windows 8 or windows 10 computer from clicking on something and it actually runs a script that uses […]

They sure can!  My daughter, yes the daughter of an IT company owner, managed to infect her iMac!  She said, “Well someone at school told me to search for this movie on google and then you can watch it.”  So she did!  So if anyone tells you a Mac can’t get infected; I have proof.